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Scout Troops & Fundraising Opportunities

Scout Troops:

Feel free to have your scout meeting at the Pink Elephant. Earn your hobbies “try it” badges with us! Learn about the pottery process from painting to glazing.

Prices: Pottery - price varies by project

Clay badges can also be earned. Try your hands at pinch pots. Each scout member will also create a pottery tile.

Tour of the shop will be given and a description of how the pottery process works from start to finish. We will provide a fun patch for each scout member.

Prices:  $14 per scout member for project
Project selection: Pottery ( small animals & figurines ) OR Pinch/Coil Clay Pots
Other: Discuss directly with Pink Elephant Employee

Host A Fundraiser:

Pick a night to promote your event with family, friends, and co-workers and we will donate a percentage of total sales to your organization.
(You may also choose a time frame where you may present a flyer to whom ever wants to participate in your fundraising, they must present the flyer to us within that time frame, and at the end of that time we will donate a percentage of total sales to your organization)

Auction Projects:

Choose a pottery project (platter, cookie jar, chip and dip, ect.) to be personalized by your group. Auction or raffle your projects to raise money for your organization.
Why not put all children’s hand or finger prints on a vase or platter with a teacher, coach or leaders name and raffle it off.
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